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Data park “BE MOBILE” was designed and built for different companies and lines of business for whom work interruptions of server hardware are critically unacceptable.

There is a great number of options for clients: starting from the location of their equipment in the module of general use up to the leasing of module with the size from 12 sq.m to 300 sq.m. The module can be designed on individual needs, including its size and technical facilities.

Clients can install their own data center at the technical platform of data park and apply it for any kind of business including cloud storage services, Sass, laaS etc.

Our own capacity allows to select suitable tariff for any client, from individual projects to great corporations.

Certificate of compliance with the International Standard ISO / IEC 27001:2013
PSI/DSS certificate of compliance


Data processing park “BE MOBILE” is a specialized platform for the implementation of the any corporate customer server equipment quality service colocation.

You are able not only to locate your servers in safe place but also to realize your independent business project on the basis of our infrastructure.

At your service - the ability to place the equipment, both in modules of general use or in individual modules of any facility level. We provide four types of services to You:

a) Supply to Your server hardware of guaranteed and “clean” electricity by two independent cable networks.

b) Provision of the necessary and stable level of temperature and air humidity regardless of weather and season during the whole working period of your hardware.

c) Service provision of the fire detection and safety fire fighting by inert gas in case of fire detection.

d) Service provision of the physical security and protection as well as access system monitoring of the customer's personnel to the equipment installed in our data park.

All the services are provided in strict accordance with TIA-942 standard, level of reliability TIER III. You can install your own server hardware in different specially equipped areas:

Unit server placement. This service involves providing the place for the required number of server units in the cabinet and all the necessary infrastructure: uninterrupted power supply, necessary services and possible connection to the communication channels.
Cabinet in the module of general use
The module is constructed in accordance with the requirements of standard TIA-942, reliability level TIER III, where the hardware of different customers is located.
Individual module
The module is constructed in accordance with the requirements of standard TIA-942, reliability level TIER III. Module size, internal equipment, cooling options (between rows, or under the floor) and maximum power level are complied with the customer requirements.
Individual shielded module
This module is designed in accordance with the NBU (the National Bank of Ukraine) requirements. Construction of shielded module is made by NBU licensed company. The module size and its level of facilities depend on the customer requirements.
Cabinet in the module of general use
Individual module
Individual shielded module

data center

Power supply system
Two independent power supply lines, provided by Prat "Dtek Kyyivs'ki Elektromerezhi", are used to ensure electric power:
“Kabelna“ substation
“Obolon” substation
Each line can provide up to 5 MW of power.
Climate conditions
Compliance with appropriate climate parameters is provided by american company EMERSON equipment by the principle N+1 or 2N. The coolant is water or freon. As for today, there are 6 chillers with 200 kW capacity each one. The system that provides cool water for fan coil is designed with N+1 reservation level aiming to increase reliability of the system.
Security system
Round-the-clock access control system
Video surveillance systems have no “blind” spots
Three-level security system
The police office emergency button
Round-the-clock system of access to the customers' equipment
Storage of video surveillance records up to 60 days
Fire-fighting system
    It is centralized; gas is used for fire extinguishing in a certain place
    Chladone gas (HFC-227ea – FM-200 analogue)
    Each module has its own address network for gas delivery; the double number of gas cylinders is used. The system of early outbreak detection can be installed at the customer's request in individual modules.
Shielded module
This module is constructed in accordance with the NBU (the National Bank of Ukraine) requirements. Construction of shielded module is made by NBU licensed company. The size and the level of facilities of such module depend on the customer requirements.
Connection providers

The presence of all major communication providers

Ability to connect to any new providers

The list of providers:

  1. Vega Telecom (PJSC "Farlep-Invest")
  2. Gigatrans
  3. Kyivstar
  4. Wnet
  5. Volz
  6. UkrTeleCom
  7. UkrCom
  8. Vodafone
  9. Data Group
  10. RETN
  11. TopNet
  12. ItConsulting
  13. MobiCom
  14. Eurotranstelecom
  15. Energytel
  16. Ukrainian telecom group
  17. ONECOM
All the engineering systems and data park hardware have reservation by principle N+1 or 2N, that provides uninterrupted equipment operation 24х7х365
With each client we sign an SLA that regulates particular aspects of the service and our responsibility.
Ukranian Internet Exchange point DTEL-IX
Ukranian Internet Exchange point Digital Telecom IX LLC d.b.a. DTEL-IX, being BE MOBILE's partner, is colocating its own equipment in a separate module inside the data center, and provides Internet traffic exchange services, access to cloud service providers like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, OVH Cloud, and also provides by-unit colocation and optic fiber leasing services for carriers and ISPs.

DTEL-IX is the only IXP in Ukraine which provides the services based on own non-rented infrastructure spread across different data centers in Kyiv. This IXP has 2 mirrored cores and own resilient optic fiber network in the city with access to all major data centers. All these features allow IXP to reach high uptime and redundancy helping its customers to build business-critical applications over IXP network.

DTEL-IX provides Virtual PoP services in BE MOBILE datacenter upon request from the customer. This service gives to ISPs and carriers a unique opportunity to use the equipment of the IXP as if it is your own equipment but using this equipment you get high-level SLA almost identical to SLA of the datacenter and SLA of the IXP.

As a part of cooperation between BE MOBILE and DTEL-IX (Digital Telecom IX LLC), all physical cross-connect services in DC are provided by DTEL-IX. All existing customers of BE MOBILE data center can get the most recent information about the terms and conditions of physical interconnection services at the special page of the cross-connect service provider. All new customers of the data center get the information about physical cross-connects during the pre-launch meetings with data center's commercial team.
Protection of personal data

ManuScan is in BE MOBILE!
Infocom has installed a biometric identification system - ManuScan in one of the largest data parks in Ukraine - BE MOBILE.

ManuScan is integrated into the access control system of the module of the Ukranian Internet Exchange point Digital Telecom IX LLC d.b.a. DTEL-IX. The entrance to the room is provided after the identification by a unique pattern of vessels in the middle of the palm, which are previously entered into the database. This method not only provides accurate and fast identification, but also prevents forgery due to the very principle of identification, in addition, it is the most hygienic, because contact with the surface of the sensor is not required.

Thus, DTEL-IX received a highly reliable, but at the same time simple and easy to use identification system, which was organically integrated into the access control system of the data park BE MOBILE.

You can learn more by the link: ManuScan
Power supply system
Climate conditions
Security system
Fire-fighting system
Shielded module
Connection providers
Internet Exchange point
Protection of personal data

Passport of DATA PARK

Building Characteristics
One-story, seismically stable, belongs to the second category (1,2,3 phases) 7500 sq.m.
1 phase 1200 sq.m.
2 phase 1000 sq.m.
3 phase 1100 sq.m.
Security system
The number of security levels 3
video surveillance period 24х7
Security alarm system in every module
Video surveillance system 64 cameras
An alarm button of the Security Service of Ukraine avaliable
Power supply system
Level of reservation N+1
An individual inputs 2
The number of sources (substations) 2
Substations name 1.ES «Kabelna»
2.ES «Obolon»
The number of transformers 6
Power of transformers 6 x 1000 kVA
Reserve power supply Diesel engine-driven generating sets (gensets)
The number of gensets 5
Power of 1 genset 500 kVA
The degree of power increase of the uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS) 200 kVA
The number of UPSs 9
Time of operation using full load battery 15 min.
Voltage output of the UPS 400 (230) V±5%
The frequency of power supply 50 Hz ± 0,2 Hz
Power supply of support systems from the dedicated UPS
UPS cooling autonomic
Condition system
Level of reservation N+1, 2N
Cooling system chiller-fan coil
The degree of chiller power increase 200 kVA
The number of chillers 6
Runtimes of conditioning system at maximum load 15 min.
The guaranteed temperature in IT zone according to the ASHRAE standard
Air humidity parameters according to the ASHRAE standard
Ventilation system
Multiplicity frequency of air exchange in the data center is not less 1 per hour
Communication with fire-extinguishing system provided
Cable system (connection)
The number of inputs in the building 3
Special sewage system available
The number of “meet-me rooms” (MMRs) 2
Monitoring system
The number of monitored parameters 1500
Recording of the monitored parameters 24х7
Displaying events with an indication of importance available
Monitoring of dispatcher actions 100% of time
Possibility to reproduce the data center work at any period of time available
Fire safety
Type automatic, gas
Gas HFC 227ea (FM-200 analogue)
Smoke detection sensors available
Light and sound alarm available
The system of smoke removal available
Maximum allowable downtime in DPC is 1 hour and 35min, which corresponds to 99.982% of reliability for TIER III and TIA-942 Standard.

Our clients

Communication providers
System integrators and DPC "cloud" services


National cloud storage services provider which delivers cloud infrastructure projects of any complexity. By partnering with BEMOBILE, GigaCloud offers B-Cloud for clients in banking sector. B-Cloud is an IaaS (cloud storage infrastructure as a service) built using VMware products, physically located in shielded racks of BEMOBILE data center. For more information click here: gigacloud.ua
Communication Providers
System integrators and DPC "cloud" services
Retail trade networks
Network of petrol stations
Transportation logistic companies
Insurance companies
Industrial companies with incessant production cycle
Financial sector
Oil and gas companies
Banking sector
Media companies (radio, TV)
Internet project, hosting – providers


Valeriy Volnyy
Andriy Mitchenko
Technical Director
Olena Bielova
Head of sales department
Ivan Slyusar
Chief Engineer


Phone:+38(044)494 35 05
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