Data Center BEMOBILE

Data Center BEMOBILE (DCB) - is one of the biggest Ukrainian commercial data processing centers (DPC), that provides server hardware hosting (collocation, housing) for the companies with high demands for business continuity.

Data Center BEMOBILE is an ultra modern technology in data centers sphere. The equipment of world leading vendors is installed here: Schneider Electric (APC), FG Wilson, Emerson. The Data Center project is performed in accordance with EIA/TIA-942 standard. It is equipped with everything necessary to host servers and customers network equipment with the level of resource availability over 99.982%, which corresponds to the TIER-3. The communication structure allows to raise the level of system redundancy to TIER-4 for the whole module as well as for separate stands with the most important equipment.

Certificate of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH "Providing clients with services of the data center"

The total area of the first stage of DCB, already put into operation, is more than 1000 sq m. The project stipulates the expansion of this area up to 4000 sq. m. In this case the total area of the data center infrastructure will reach 7000 sq m. The concept of development allows to construct individual modules with parameters required by the majority of corporate clients.
The layout and communications organization of rooms allows to place equipment considering any requirements for reliability and accessibility. It allows to place stands with equipment of the capacity up to 20 kW either in the common room or in separate screened rooms (for banks) as well as in traditional modules with area from 6 to 108 meters.
BEMOBILE company provides equal conditions for all communication providers that have ability to provide customer service in our DCB. Receiving communication services from multiple providers at the same time allows customers to optimize their costs as well as significantly increase their servers accessibility. Last miles of cable lines are laid to the data center in two opposite directions entering sewer system wells (on Marka Vovchka street and Kurenivska street). The data center is connected to two points of traffic exchange in Ukraine UA-IX, located at 9 Leontovich Street and at 50 Gaidar Street.
Currently there are more than 6 different communication providers in Bemobile data center, including Ukrtelecom.
Reliability of power supply is provided by the three independent sources: Cable substation, Obolonskaya substation and Kurenevskaya substation via 10 kV line through two centers' own transformers, that are connected to diesel generator sets via ATS, reserving the full load of the data center. At the same time the most modern energy-saving technology reduces client's electricity charges.
The special method of rent calculation (subject to the energy consumption of installed equipment) can save significant costs for clients, which is especially important during the deployment of new facilities.
We are open to cooperation with all clients interested in optimizing their costs and
high level of availability of their server resources.

Presentation of Data Center BEMOBILE